Eye Contact Making Suit

The sci-fi-looking suit makes eye contact with the men gazing at it.

Eye Contact Making Suit

Provocative garment refers to dressing provocatively to draw attention to oneself. These provocative dresses are most often associated with women and are designed to accentuate the female figure. Behnaz Farahi's feminist outfit, on the other hand, makes an empowering message by making eye contact with the men gazing.

The latest creation by Iranian-American artist Behnaz Farahi's sci-fi-looking suit appears to be intended for the exploration of space or the deep ocean.

Returning the Gaze was created at the invitation of the fashion company ANNAKIKI for its cyborg-themed Milan exhibition last month. It employs two cameras to monitor the wearer's eyes.

This suit has a huge bubble-like headgear that houses multiple high-definition cameras and trackers. These cameras record the wearer's eyes in great detail and send the footage to four remote displays.

The purpose of the project, according to the artist, was to challenge and question the logic of the fashion show, where models walk on stage and the audience's gaze becomes dominating.

Eye Contact Making Suit

Eye Contact Making Suit

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