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Grilled Steak Soap Bar

The hyper-realistic grilled steak soap bar is truly a unique gift.

Grilled Steak Soap Bar

Grilled steaks are great, but sometimes it’s nice to have a steak that doesn’t require much effort.

What if you have come across a soap bar that looks like a grilled steak?

You're probably wondering if this is a genuine product or a clever marketing gimmick. It turns out to be a genuine and hyper-realistic soap bar that is scented by professional soapers and employs very intricate mold processes.

The bathroom item simply looks like a fresh steak from a hot grill. Your friends will be amazed as they try to determine if this is steak or soap. They’ll think you’re a genius for creating this realistic steak bar.

The vegan-friendly item is a perfect gift for any grill lover this holiday season. It also makes a great gag gift for friends who enjoy a good prank. They'll love trying to guess what this strange product is! (Via)

Grilled Steak Soap Bar

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