Miniature World of Art

Tatsuya Tanaka's miniature world of art is made up of food, office supplies, and other everyday items.

Miniature World of Art

Artist Tatsuya Tanaka uses ordinary household objects for his miniature world of art. The artist transforms everyday household items into tiny worlds of their own.

Objects like a dish sponge, office supplies, and even cookies become the center of attention in these fascinatingly detailed sculptures.

Although the artist's choice of material may appear strange at first, it is evident why he does so.

Objects that we use daily are usually not the subject of fine art. But when the object becomes a miniature world of its own, it acquires a whole new meaning.

The artist’s practice is not only a reflection of his vision but also allows him to explore the relationship between art and everyday life.

Tatsuya's artwork focuses mostly on one or two figures, although he also creates full-fledged landscapes with multiple characters interacting with their environment.

While not limited to any particular medium or subject, he has a clear preference for the materials he uses.

However, we all know that these tiny figurines created for the project Miniature Calendar are a lot of fun to look at.

Miniature World of Art

Miniature World of Art

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