Rideable Goat-Shaped Robot

RHP bex rideable goat-shaped robot can carry people and cargo.

rideable goat-shaped robot

Robot enthusiasts from across the world will be able to meet in Tokyo for the iREX international robot expo to witness the newest technologies and ideas that are defining the future of robotics.

The four-day event will include several hands-on activities, talks, seminars, and demonstrations aimed at inspiring, educating, and connecting the global community of robot enthusiasts.

This year the motorbike manufacturer Kawasaki is bringing something unique to the show. The bike company has created a rideable goat-shaped robot called 'RHP bex.'

It takes its name from the ibex, a kind of wild goat found in Eurasia, North Africa, and East Africa.

The rideable goat-shaped robot can carry a weight of 160 kgs and may also be used to move crops on fields or materials at a construction site.

RHP bex has two modes of travel. It can stand on four legs or bend down to traverse flat terrain on wheels attached to its feet and knees.

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