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Solar Panel Cleaning system

The Helios solar panel cleaning system employs drones to safely clean PV panels.

Solar Panel Cleaning system

Solar panels require maintenance and cleaning to adequately catch the sun's energy, but this may be a challenging task.

Traditional cleaning methods may cause harm to the panels, thus it is usually best to utilize a combination of methods to safely clean your panels.

Contacting a professional is your best option, but if none are available in your region, several online guides will help you clean your panels; nevertheless, these guides are not the ideal option.

Drones may be used for several tasks, and the 'HELIOS' solar panel cleaning system employs two drones to give an efficient solution.

Helios, developed by Belgian firm ART Robotics, tackles these issues by combining a hovering hexacopter and a panel-crawling rubber-tracked robot.

Helios takes the robot to the roof and uses a computer vision system to locate the solar array, allowing the robot to roll off its platform and onto the panels.

The solar panel cleaning robot uses a rotating brush and a vacuum for its task.

Once completed, the robot would transmit a wireless signal to the drones. Helios would then fly back to the roof, pick up the robot, and return it to the ground.

The creators have resorted to Kickstarter to fund commercial development.

The HELIOS solar panel cleaning system can help significantly reduce downtime while harvesting as much energy as possible and is a must-have system for all large solar power plants that may have significant PV panel issues. (Via)

Solar Panel Cleaning system

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