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Ergonomic Attachment for Office Chairs

LEBAND Lumbar Back Support is an ergonomic accessory for office chairs designed to help relieve back pain.

Office Chairs

Office chairs are said to be the most comfortable and adaptable to various working environments.

The primary goal of office furniture is to make the working atmosphere comfortable for coworkers while still being useful for the job at hand. The furniture is crucial in making the office job more efficient and effective.

The right office furniture may make a big difference in how coworkers engage with the workplace environment, which in turn can have a big impact on how the individual interacts with his or her job.

Long durations of sitting in a chair, on the other hand, can cause back problems and spinal pain.

There are, however, cushions and accessories that may be utilized with office chairs to prevent lower back pain but also can aid to alleviate the discomfort associated with sitting.

The LEBAND Low Back Support is an ergonomic attachment designed to align and support the entire back to relieve upper, middle, and lower pain and reduce pressure along the sciatic nerve.

The strap-on low back support is designed for use with several office chair brands and types, as well as other types of seats, such as those found in cars.

LEBAND offers two Lumbar Back Support styles: one with cushions and one without.

All designs have five sets of height adjustment and hundreds of ventilation holes to prevent perspiration stains on your back when using them.

Back Support for Office Chairs

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