Cat Drying Room

The DMuse cat drying room gives a comfortable and friendly environment during drying time.

cat drying room

Bathing and drying your cat may be a stressful affair. Your cat is most likely agitated by the process, which can make them feel scared or uneasy.

Some cats dislike being touched. The cat may feel the urge to hide as well.

So, how can you assist your feline friend with bathing and drying? DMuse is a concept drying room meant to let your feline buddy feel at ease while drying.

This one-of-a-kind dome accommodates the cat's behaviors and requirements to scratch and play. This drying area is elevated, with transparent doors on either side allowing curious cats to view outside.

The DMuse cat drying room is the ideal area for them to hide or play with moles, as the peculiar structure within feeds their hunting instincts.

When the drying time is up, the door automatically unlocks, letting the cat go on its own.

Lee Da-Eun developed the cat drying room, which was inspired by the cat's natural habitat.

cat drying room

cat drying room


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