Interactive Anger Management Toy

Olly is an interactive anger management toy that lets you relieve your stress.

Interactive Anger Management Toy

Anger management is to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological stimulation that causes anger. There are many ways to manage your anger issues.

Designer Simonas Palovis invented Olly, an interactive anger management toy, as a solution to assist relieve stress right immediately.

It's a nice stuffed toy for your workplace, but it's more than simply table décor.

Olly's face will alter in reaction to your blows if you squeeze, pinch, punch, crush, or do anything to it.

Olly is ideal for when you can't shout out of frustration because you're in the workplace or in front of a computer.

The interactive anger management toy could be your ideal companion because it cannot be harmed and does not remember what you have done or said.

Interactive Anger Management Toy

Interactive Anger Management Toy

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