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Selfie Taking Flying Camera Drone

Pixy flying camera drone fits in the palm of your hand.

Selfie Taking Flying Camera Drone

Snapchat has introduced the Pixy, a new flying camera drone that is marketed as a free-flying buddy for adventures.

Pixy operates autonomously, which means it does not require any controller or setup. Simply click a button to choose one of the various flying paths: hover, orbit, reveal, favorite, and follow.

The flying camera drone follows you and automatically takes pictures and videos during the flight, but users can configure Pixy to record video exclusively.

The drone floats in the air and captures images before flying back to the palm of your hand.

Pixy videos do not have sound, but users can edit the film on Snapchat to insert music, a voice-over, and other effects.

It automatically connects to your Snapchat account and saves the footage to your Memories.

Pixy is a lightweight device that can hold 1,000 photos or 100 films. It can record video at 2.7K resolution and has a camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels.

The flying camera drone will be available for purchase on Pixy.com in the United States and France, with pricing starting at $230.

Selfie Taking Flying Camera Drone

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