Vehicle-Shaped Combs

The vehicle-shaped combs from BLVD Chromb also function as a bottle opener.

vehicle-shaped combs

The comb is one of the earliest tools discovered by archaeologists and unearthed along with the earliest evidence of human civilization, often as part of human burials.

The earliest depictions of the comb date back to 3500 BC, in ancient Egypt. The grooming tool was widely used in the ancient world, and it was often made of gold, silver, ivory, or tortoiseshell.

Nowadays they are made from metal, plastic, and natural materials such as wood and horn.


There are various types of combs, and each type is intended to serve a certain function. The best one for you depends on the texture, length, and thickness of your hair.

The car and truck combs sold by BLVD Chromb are strange.

Vehicle-shaped combs from BLVD Chromb are available in brushed or polished finishes. These in-house made grooming tools are constructed of stainless steel, and each comb has been measured and tested for maximum grooming effectiveness.

The vehicle-shaped grooming tool also functions as a bottle opener.

vehicle-shaped combs


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