Cushion for Lying Down

Prone Cushion aids in posture correction and relieves pain in the back, neck, and shoulders.

cushion for lying down

When we lie down, our body forms an inverted position with gravity pulling us from head to toe, forcing our bones into positions that are not natural for them.

This posture causes a variety of ailments including neck strain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, and elbow pain. When we sleep at night, we should always have a pillow between our knees and under the head, if possible.

If this is not possible, then try using a rolled towel or blanket under your legs and over your feet.

Prone Cushion is the world's first cushion made specifically for laying down and has a patent-pending ergonomic design that supports your whole upper body.

Every curve and contour perfectly adjusts to your body, following the shape of your body - giving you with perfect and pleasant comfort.

Its multi-layered memory foam composition provides the ideal balance of usefulness and comfort.

The Cushion has 140 different cooling air cells for better breathability and ventilation for quick airflow, keeping you cool, reducing overheating, and wicking away any sweat.

Its smartly designed height adjustable legs provide three different heights, allowing you to easily modify the angle to obtain the optimal prone posture.

Because the Prone Cushion is so light, you can take it anywhere you go.

It features a clean and basic design that will complement any home decor.

Cushion for Lying Down

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