Interactive Yoga Mat

The Solelp smart yoga mat motivates users to stay fit.

Interactive Yoga Mat

If you're looking for a great way to stretch out your body while giving yourself a little bit of fun, then why not try a yoga mat?

These mats are perfect for working out, but they also look fantastic in any room.

The Solelp interactive yoga mat will elevate yoga to a new level because it gives interactive input for enhanced body posture. It also has a smart mat, a bar with a camera, interactive handles, and an app.

This smart yoga mat also has an LED screen with touchpoints to guide your hand and foot positioning. It also displays simple indicators, such as gained points and remaining time, to assist you in navigating a game.

Solelp's handles detach from the bar and emit a rainbow of colors for a relaxing experience. The handles help you to stretch deeper and appropriately check your posture.

To enhance your overall experience, the app contains music, routines, stretching suggestions, awards, and goals.

The Solelp has a unique overall design and construction that transmits a lively and dynamic mood while keeping you healthy and in good body posture.

Interactive Yoga Mat


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