Kung Fu Time Clock

The Kung Fu time clock is inspired by Chinese traditional martial arts.

Kung Fu Time Clock

Kung Fu Time Clock is created to represent a unique way of time-keeping, synchronizing time and space to relieve peoples' pressure and keep them in good mood.

The clock enables people to find out their “kungfu” quotient in a fun yet healthful way. Sharing your martial art skills with others is a great way to show your confidence, sense of humor, and personality.

People may sense the essence of martial arts when they look at this watch and help them relax, get rid of all kinds of difficulties and stress, and become healthier.

This Kung Fu clock features a typical Chinese martial arts depiction, with the longest leg serving as the second hand, the head and torso working as the hour hand, and the other leg functioning as the minute hand.

After every minute, there will be distinct motions, and after an hour, another vibrant image will arise.

Kung Fu Time Clock

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