Microwaveable Rice Cooker Mug

The Rice Cooker Mug is a great option for any kitchen.

rice cooker

Rice cookers are great for people who want to eat healthily but don't have much time to prepare their meals.

They're also a great option if you're hesitant to use a pressure cooker because you're worried about the health effects.

A rice cooker works in the same way as a pressure cooker, but with the extra benefit of allowing you to cook rice without soaking or boiling it beforehand.

They don't require any additional pot, lid, or accessories, making them a great option for any kitchen.

Some models even have settings to customize the consistency of your rice, such as which grain you want your rice to be, how much water you want to add, and when you want your rice to be done.

This microwaveable Rice Cooker Mug is perfect for a quick dinner when you're running late.

The cooker mug was inspired by the Japanese donabe, a jar with clay sides that retain heat and a vented lid that allows steam to escape.

It is intended for microwave usage only and contains approximately 150 grams (or 3/4 cup) of uncooked rice peruse.

After 7 minutes in the microwave at 500W, your rice is ready.

Brown rice, and presumably other grains, may be cooked in the Mug, but cook times will need to be adjusted.

The Rice Cooker Cup would be an excellent gift for anybody.

rice cooker

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