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Recycled Fishing Container Furniture

Takuto Ohta's CNM collection is a range of furniture made from recycled fishing containers.

Recycled Fishing Container Furniture

The furniture industry is also reeling under a shortage of raw material, which makes the recycled wood material a prized possession.

The recycled furniture industry has been growing in recent years and is expected to expand further in the next years as the greener lifestyle grows.

How often do you throw away old fishing containers? If you don't recycle them, they can become useful items such as furniture or even home decor.

Fishing containers are affordable, sturdy, and durable. They also come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing you to create unique pieces of furniture.

Takuto Ohta's CNM collection is a range of furniture made from recycled materials with an idea to convert all of these discarded and abandoned things into a one-of-a-kind public furniture.

He transforms the fishing cans into various pieces of furniture, including a lounge chair, a recliner, and a stool.

Each piece of furniture embodies its recycled aesthetic to highlight rather than hide its material.

The collection is accomplished by cutting, bending, and molding the containers into the required position to obtain the seat-like shape.

Takuto Ohta's CNM collection does not use advanced processes to modify the containers; instead, he makes them into furniture while retaining their original design and including some melting and bolting.

The designer also aims to open-source his approach so that anybody with waste materials might recycle them.

Recycled Fishing Container Furniture


Recycled Fishing Container Furniture


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