Strange Jumping Robot

The strange jumping robot jumps higher than any animal.

Strange Jumping Robot

The UC Santa Barbara study team developed a gadget that can jump more than 100 feet, the greatest single jump ever performed by a living or robotic creature.

The bizarre robot resembles a toy rocket balanced on two intersecting bicycle wheels.

Carbon-fiber compression bows make up the wheels and rubber bands that stretch from a spindle going up the center to function as spokes.

A motor powers this spindle and pulls a rope, stretching the rubber band while compressing the carbon fiber arch to make the gadget bounce.

The researchers designed it with a spring-to-motor ratio about 100 times greater than that of jumping animals, allowing it to reach such heights.

The scientists projected that on the Moon, this gadget should be able to jump more than 125 meters and go 500 meters horizontally.

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