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AI-Powered Pet Door

The AI-Powered Petvation pet door only opens for authorized pets.

AI-Powered Pet Door

Allowing your pets to wander freely may be difficult for you. You want them to feel free and safe.

Simple flaps and doors can be difficult to maintain, are easily broken by dogs, and let unwanted guests into your home.

Mechanical pet doors attempt to address this issue by allowing your pets to enter your home using smart collars; however, this needs your pets to wear battery-powered collars, which is inconvenient.

The Petvation smart automatic pet door is a security-focused system that allows pet owners to control when their furry friends leave and enter the home.

Petvation does facial recognition using machine learning and only opens when it detects a familiar face.

It can also detect and prevent entry to the most frequent undesirable guests and critters.

Petvation is equipped with the most powerful, cutting-edge AI, allowing it to run complex facial recognition algorithms fully offline.

The AI-powered pet door can be installed in any existing door and uses a 120-degree wide-angle identification system to detect authorized pets.

AI-Powered Pet Door

Petvation employs three separate safety mechanisms that act in tandem to keep your pet safe from head to tail.

The motion detection system recognizes as your pet approaches and goes through the door. The anti-pinch mechanism guarantees that your pet's paws or tail are never trapped. And the self-diagnosis system improves with your pet’s habits.

The pet door can be monitored through the accompanying smartphone app to ensure proper operation.

AI-Powered Pet Door

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