Bird Sculptures From Electronic Circuits

Bird Sculptures Made From Electronic Circuits are incredible feats of electrical engineering.

Bird Sculptures From Electronic Circuits

Millions of individuals aspire to express themselves through artwork. There are countless ways to get ideas but the problem is that they don't know where to start or how to get started.

Singing birds created by a multimedia artist from electronic circuits may be an inspiration for your next project.

Kelly Heaton's bird sculptures from electronic circuits are eye-catching and display the artist's passion for art and science.

Heaton uses analog electrical components to build printed bird circuits and they "chirp" and "sing" like our feathered friends, but the noises are analog.

The bird sculptures create audible waves without the use of any software or audio playback, much like a musical instrument playing itself.

As the birds sing, circuits throughout their bodies light up, bringing this musical joy to life.

Heaton's circuit birds are now on display as part of Circuit Garden at New York City's Manhattan West through June 3, 2022.

Bird Sculptures From Electronic Circuits


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