Coconut Breaking Tool

Cococrack is a handy tool to easily open a coconut.

coconut cracking tool

Have you ever tried cracking open a fresh coconut? You may have attempted hammering, stabbing, prying, punching, tossing, pounding, and drilling without success.

They are difficult to break if you do not have the proper tools.

Cococrack is a helpful aid that allows you to quickly and simply crack open a coconut shell and drain all of the delicious water within before removing the soft meat in the inner shell.

Insert the tool's screw end into the eye of the coconut to crack the shell and drain the coconut water, then scrape the inside with the cutter end.

Cococrack may save your life if you are stranded on a desert island.

If you don't have a device, watch the video below to learn how to crack a coconut.

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