Crystal Clear Desserts

Japanese artist Tomei's desserts are visually satisfying.

Crystal Clear Desserts

If you're a dessert connoisseur, the aesthetic of the treat is just as crucial as the flavor. In the world of desserts, every taste is subjective, and the best way to describe something is to evoke a feeling in your mouth.

If you come to know what you want in your dessert, you make the perfect selection. Tomei's crystal clear delights are too good to devour.

She makes transparent jelly cakes by suspending components like strawberries and flowers in the shape of the sweet.

Tomei's pastries always highlight the beauty of the food, whether it's ring-shaped pastries sprinkled with strawberries or a slice of rose cake. These eye-catching delicacies are almost too good to be true.

They resemble a slice of the sky with fluffy white clouds surrounded by a block of light blue sky.

Crystal Clear Desserts

Crystal Clear Desserts

Source: Mymodernmet.

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