Eco-Friendly Party Plates

Biodegradable and reusable Knork Party Plates are perfect for BBQs and cocktail parties.

Eco-Friendly Party Plates

A fun addition to your tableware, these eco-friendly party plates are made from sugar cane starch and bamboo offcuts, making them better for the environment than conventional plates.

They're also a great alternative to disposable ones and are easy to wash and reuse.

So give your guests a fun, eco-friendly way to eat and drink at your next party, and watch as guests line up to fill their plates using their eco-conscious hands.

It is shaped like a snail shell and has a notch for hanging the fork.

The Eco Party Plates are environmentally friendly, reusable, dishwasher-safe, and entirely biodegradable.

Eco-Friendly Party Plates


Eco-Friendly Party Plates

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