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Mammoth Hotel On Wheels

the Tesla Mobile Resort Hotel is a mega structure offering spectacular views of the red planet.

Mammoth Hotel On Wheels

China-based artist LOONGT has imagined a mammoth-like hotel on wheels that would glide around Mars' surface, providing occupants with a breathtaking perspective of the red planet.
The futuristic mammoth structure depicts the future rather vividly. You must go to Mars to the crater base where the Tesla Mobile Resort Hotel is.
The vehicle features three zones: the entertainment area at the front, which includes a giant revolving restaurant, followed by gyms, casinos, and other entertainment facilities directly below.
Underneath that are pods labeled 01, 02, 03, and so on. These are revolving vehicles that take you on excursions of the Martian terrain.
The Tesla Mobile Resort offers a balloon trip in a translucent floating pod that detaches from the resort and hangs in the skies above, providing a breathtaking view of the alien world and a gorgeous sunset.

Mammoth Hotel On Wheels

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