Mid-Air Displaying Jump Rope

The Smart Rope is an advanced jump rope with futuristic features.

Mid-Air Displaying Jump Rope

Everyone has varied tastes when it comes to exercising. Some people prefer simple walking or jogging, which requires no equipment or gear other than decent running shoes. Others love the hard-core challenge of weightlifting or calisthenics.

Whatever suits you best, Jump rope workouts help you focus on your feet and enhance your foot coordination. It also helps to strengthen the muscles around your foot and ankle joints, which can help reduce foot and ankle problems.  It's also an excellent method to burn calories.

Do you know skipping rope for 10 minutes is similar to jogging an 8-minute mile?

Tangram Factory's Smart Rope is an intelligent LED jump rope that produces a mid-air floating display of your jump count in front of you.

Tangram designs creative and exciting fitness gear that gives the regular workout a digital boost.

The Smart Rope upgrades the traditional jump rope by including several seamless digital features such as data storage, LED lighting, sensors, and Bluetooth connectivity to the Smart Gym app.

Mid-Air Displaying Jump Rope

Mid-Air Displaying Jump Rope

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