Optimus Prime Bluetooth Speaker

The Transformers Bluetooth speaker plays music in truck and robot mode.

Optimus Prime Bluetooth Speaker

If you enjoy music and are a fan of the Transformers fiction universe, a designer has designed the Prime Speaker, which transforms into a robot.

The Bluetooth speaker is an excellent, color-themed speaker and is the first real transforming audio device, designed just like the one in the movie franchise.

The Prime Speaker may be used as a truck or Autobot with the speaker attached in the right hand to resemble an oversized cannon.

The Bluetooth speaker produces quality audio and has controls built into the top of its cylinder.

Optimus Prime Bluetooth Speaker

The Optimus Prime is made of die-cast metal components and comes with 48-step assembly instructions to practice the numerous changes that your favorite Transformer goes through to match the vehicle mode or robot mode.

You may not be able to transport the transformer to your poolside party, but you can certainly make it a part of your bedroom decor.

Optimus Prime Bluetooth Speaker

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