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Spying Hanging Monkey Statue

The hanging monkey statue is ideal for your spying neighbor.

Spying Hanging Monkey Statue

Do you have spying neighbors who are curious to know more about your private life? It’s a difficult question for many, but some have had great success with the nosy neighbor strategy.

You can make things easy by setting up security cameras around your property. But if your budget does not allow for a security camera, the cool hanging monkey statue can be an ideal strategy for the curious neighbors.

A cheerful monkey appears to be hanging from a tree branch, looking about with binoculars.

The spying hanging monkey is a realistic aged bronze cast resin figurine that hangs from a tree limb, railing, or fence.

The three-feet long statue has a 1.5-inch hand opening for hanging and is corrosion, crack, and mold-resistant.

Let your curious neighbor know that you are on them.


Spying Hanging Monkey Statue

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