Storytelling Audio Device

Yoto is a storytelling audio device for kids to make bedtime easier.

Storytelling Audio Device

Music is a universal language that kids will fall in love with time and time again. You can help your kids discover a world full of music with the Yoto audio player for kids.

It's more than just a storyteller; it also plays audio versions of Pixar movies, popular books, and music, with hundreds of titles available for every age group.

You can even let your children record their own stories and sing their songs using the free Yoto app.

Parents will love the wake-up routines that can show kids when to start the day. With the night light or soundscape from the Sleep Radio, it becomes easy to fall asleep.

The pixel screen brings the content to life through fun lighting effects. In addition, this device can run for up to ten hours on a full charge for longer-lasting play.

The magnetic charging dock makes it easier to charge your device.

Storytelling Audio Device

Why is Yoto Player useful?

We've highlighted a few advantages of using an audio player like Yoto:

  • Listening and language skills can be enhanced by using it.
  • It also helps them develop social skills and build their confidence.
  • It helps them develop their social skills, which may help improve their self-esteem.
  • The best part is that audio can be used with any device, anywhere, at any time.

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