Interstellar Wristwatch

The B025 interstellar wristwatch tells the time on Earth and Mars simultaneously.

Interstellar Wristwatch

While even the most expensive watches display moon phases, the B025 gives you the precise time on Earth and Mars.

The interstellar wristwatch accomplishes this by deconstructing the standard watch and reconstructing it entirely new.

It features two revolving planets on top to signify their rotation, subdials directly below to show the day of the week, a date window, and rotating cylinders that read the time in hours and minutes for Earth and Mars.

The watch is housed in a titanium outer shell, with domed sapphire crystals on the front and the back to protect the precise assembly of the timepiece.

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The B025 works uniquely with few adjustments to the speed of the Mars clock to match the Earth clock.

The interstellar wristwatch is an automatic wristwatch powered by a Swiss Cal.SW200 automatic movement that has been thoroughly re-polished and re-decorated.

The B025 costs $9,125 and it is available on Behrens’ website.

Interstellar Wristwatch


Interstellar Wristwatch

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