Diorama Miniature Architecture

Abdulrahman Eid's dioramas are inspired by real places.

Diorama Miniature Architecture

Abdulrahman Eid, a Turkish diorama artist, specializes in bringing to life lived-in city corners, and his palm-sized stores seem authentic enough to visit.

His replicas depict a building's façade with a little open storefront underneath. He carefully models each structure, giving special attention to the ornamental design, and creates a slew of miniatures to exhibit throughout the store.

Eid adds "worn-looking" elements to the architecture and furniture that makes them stand out.

These miniature worlds may be mistaken for reality, and the appearance of Eid's hand in the photos is one of the few indications that his dioramas are sculptures.

Eid's sculptures are captivating because of their feeling of reality, which evokes a sense of wonder and curiosity in the spectator. (Via)

Diorama Miniature Architecture

Diorama Miniature Architecture

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