LEGO Vintage Toaster

LEGO Vintage Toaster is a cool retro-inspired appliance.

LEGO Vintage Toaster

LEGOs are ubiquitous, and there are many ways to play with them. It might be anything from traditional LEGO construction to creating toys.
This post is for you if you appreciate building something and want to express yourself artistically with the playful bricks.

The LEGO Vintage Toaster is a retro-inspired gadget that converts leavened bread slices into delicious toast.

The entire structure employs around 658  bricks and two elastic bands that cause the toast to vault out of the device.

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The vintage appliance was selected as a 'Staff Pick' on the LEGO Ideas forum, which enables LEGO fans to submit their ideas and encourages the community to vote on their favorite creations.

These playful bricks are a staple in many homes, and the toaster is no exception. So, why not let the toaster be a part of the LEGO world? It will be easy to add a little more LEGO to your life with this toaster.

LEGO Vintage Toaster


Source: Yankodesign.

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