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Multifunctional Electric Trike

Cargo carrying Ouca electric trike also doubles as Kiddiebus.

multifunctional electric trike

Are you looking for something with seating for kids, so they can travel together and share the experience?

You'd want it to have a zero-emission range to help reduce our car trips and save money on gas. You're also considering the advantages of an electric trike for the entire family and the safety of children on the road.

Ouca Bikes provide a two-in-one solution, serving as both a goods delivery vehicle and a "Kiddiebus," transporting an octet of kids throughout the city.

Thanks to an extra-large front-loading storage box and an optional rear rack, the new trikes from Finnish company Ouca Bikes can carry up to 562 pounds of gear, tools, or deliveries.

The Ouca electric trike is designed for families, with cargo room for one adult and three to four children.

The Kiddiebus transports up to eight children safely in a modified version of an open tub with an overhead cage. This model is ideal for daycares and preschools, allowing personnel to wheel the entire class around the facilities.

The electric cargo tricycle is powered by Revonte electric motor, but no specifications have been given by the manufacturer.

multifunctional electric trike


multifunctional electric trike

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