Next-Generation Puzzle Cube

The next-generation puzzle cube allows you to engage with the digital world in three dimensions.

Next-Generation Puzzle Cube

Everyone has heard of a Rubik’s Cube, but not everyone knows how to solve one. It can help improve your problem-solving skills and memory.

It can also help you develop spatial awareness and improve your hand-eye coordination.

The WOWCube® is a next-generation puzzle cube that provides an immersive-reality user experience.

A one-of-a-kind cube-shaped gadget constructed of 8 connected cubicle modules allows you to engage with the digital world as if it were a real thing.

Similar to the Rubik's cube, it's like a digital stress reliever that increases cognitive processes, motor abilities, and three-dimensional thinking, keeping you sharp and assisting you in relaxing.

The next-generation puzzle cube transforms into a multi-purpose tool such as a digital photo frame, an interactive weather station, or even a nightlight.

The technology allows you to generate whatever type of content you desire, such as SMS notifications, calendars, music players, and social media apps.

Using DevKit, the firm enables third-party developers to create games and apps for the system.

The interactive puzzle cube is also certified by STEM as an educational gadget.

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