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Plant-Based Prehistoric Animal Portraits

An artist turns foraged flora into vicious prehistoric animal portraits.

Plant-Based Prehistoric Animal Portraits

Prehistoric animals were the fascinating creatures to roam the earth. From the gigantic dinosaurs to the tiny insects, these animals were an integral part of the ecosystem.

Unfortunately, most of these animals are now extinct. However, we can learn more about these prehistoric animals by studying fossils and their way of life.

There is still much to learn about these animals, and perhaps one day will be able to bring some of them back to life.

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Plant-Based Prehistoric Animal Portraits

Raku Inoue, a Montreal-based artist, made the prehistoric beast out of leaves and flowers. He is well-known for using natural materials to create visions of lush creatures.

His most recent series, Jurassic Nature, shows vegetation shaped like dinosaurs. Inoue captures various species, from deadly T-rexes to long-necked Brontosauruses.

His task entails gathering the proper combination of leaves and blooms and then carefully arranging the pieces into the desired form.

Plant-Based Prehistoric Animal Portraits


Plant-Based Prehistoric Animal Portraits

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