Recycled Moveable Bird Sculptures

Jeremy Mayer uses vintage typewriters for his recycled bird sculptures.

Recycled Moveable Bird Sculptures

Recycled art is the process of creating artworks out of discarded materials. It might be anything from crafting collages out of recycled paper to creating sculptures out of scrap materials.

Recycled arts give a fresh perspective on art while reducing waste and benefiting the environment, and they use a range of recycled materials such as paper, cardboard, metal, glass, plastic, and fabric.

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When artist Jeremy Mayer dismantled a typewriter 30 years ago, he discovered a medium that allowed him to express his ideas. He was captivated by its design and movement as a youngster.

As an adult, his sculptures, which feature an ever-growing sequence of birds, are visual marvels that reflect the past and future of technology.

Recycled Moveable Bird Sculptures

The best part about Jeremy Mayer's bird sculptures is that they are put together without glue using typewriter screws, nuts, and bolts.

Mayer's bird sculptures embody the spirit of each species, from stunning ravens that bob their heads to delicate sparrows that can stretch their wings.

Building bird sculptures, according to the artist in an interview with Mymodernmet, requires a lot of dismantling and reassembling, which may be quite irritating but always, eventually, rewarding.

Recycled Moveable Bird Sculptures


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