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Customizable Mechanical Keyboard

The Keychron Q8 keyboard is fully customizable for an ideal typing experience.

Customizable Mechanical Keyboard

A conventional keyboard uses a standard QWERTY layout. The Alice layout is more ergonomic than the standard QWERTY one.

The Alice layout minimizes hand movement and allows for faster typing. The keys are also specially arranged to make it easier to type common words and phrases.

The ergonomic Keychron Q8  has the Alice layout, a double-gasket mount design, a CNC aluminum shell, and QMK/VIA compatibility.

The customizable Q8 comes with a fully assembled version, allowing you to customize every part of it to create your ideal typing experience.

The ergonomic keyboard has an innovative Double Gasket Design that keeps the gasket structure flexible while improving typing sound.

The Q8 has a distinct Mac layout that keeps the same multimedia and function keys as the Apple keyboard while being compatible with Windows devices through a dependable type-c connector.

The Q8 costs $195 for a constructed board ready for customization. In addition, the volume knob costs merely $10 more.

Customizable Mechanical Keyboard

Source: Keychron.


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