GoPro-Mounted Fishing Rod

Wor. my hi-tech fishing rod allows you to record your fishing adventure.

GoPro-Mounted Fishing Rod

We all know that a fishing rod is a tool to catch fish. There are several sorts of fishing rods available with benefits and drawbacks. Each rod type has qualities that make it appropriate for specific fishing applications.

Wor.my is a high-tech fishing device suitable for people of all ages, skill levels, and weather conditions.

The compact fishing rod is available in three styles: the Dive Pack, the Spin Pack, and the Cast Pack, which cater to the three various forms, making it ideal for both novices and experts.

The fish-catching tool, designed by Szabolcs Németh, can be used on land or underwater and works for ice-hole fishing. Wor.my documents your fishing trip with a GoPro attached on the pole.

The rod's capacity to function both on land and underwater adds to the excitement of your adventure, and the camera attachment can be rotated around the handle and adjusted in angle.

GoPro-Mounted Fishing Rod

The stainless steel rod, water-resistant cork grip, and carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer reel seat provide strength and stability to the fishing gadget.

The lightweight fishing rod is reasonably priced and compatible with GoPro models ranging from the Hero 3 to the Hero 10 and the DJI Osmo Action.

Source: Yankodesign.

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