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Self-Powered Health Monitoring Wearable

The University of California has developed a new self-powered health monitoring wearable.

Self-Powered Health Monitoring Wearable

Health monitoring wearable devices are gaining popularity because they can track and monitor health data points such as steps, heart rate, and sleep quality.

However, most health wearables need batteries or other external sources to operate.

The University of California has developed a battery-free health wearable to monitor real-time vital signs. The health tracking device can measure the wearer’s pulse and a range of biometrics such as blood pressure and body temperature with a simple switch of a sensor circuit without a battery.

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The university has just unveiled a prototype of the new technology. Based on early experiments, the gadget may be charged in two ways: by a linked device or, more intriguingly, via finger tapping.

While this technology appears to be a long way off, we anticipate it not being expensive when it arrives.

Source: Sciencedirect.

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