World's First 3D Printed Car can be Made in Just Two Days

Strati is the world's first 3D printed car that is fully functional and takes just two days to made. The $17000 vehicle consists of 49 parts and has got a top speed of 60 kmph.

  The battery powered car is conceived by Local Motors and its body is made of layers of black plastic and carbon fibre. Strati's all 49 parts including tires, electric motor, wheels and window shield are constructed using traditional method, while the hoodm chasis, centre console, seats and dash are all 3D printed.

  The Arizona based company used a special 3D printer capable of processing parts in bulk sizes. Local Motors is a well known manufacturer of motorcycles and skateboards using the breakthrough technology. According to the company's official website, Strati will be put into production very soon and it will be available for purchase within months.

3D Printed Boness Art

Artist Monica Hercicova's 'The Wheel of Life' represents the cycle of life and death. Monica has created human bones using 3D print technology and constructed them into a surreal sculpture representing people in motion. The beautiful sculpture is made up of leg bones, the rigid organs that carry the weight of human body through life, and it was inspired by many concepts.

 The beautiful and morbid structure shows the beauty of the organ that supports us in movement and inspires us to lead a healthy life.

Family Portraits Created with 3D Printer

Netherland based studio DoubleMe3D creates life-size figurines using 3D print technology. The technology of 21st century with immense capability of creating range of things with ease, the founders of the studio have explored the technology to braoden their business and targeting specific group who are looking for something unique, fun and commemorative.


3D Printed Pasta Served at Google Office

Chef Bernard Faucher  uses 3D printing machines to make pastas that are served to Google employees at Mountain View office. The chef uses pasta dough and his pasta making 3D machine's temperature and time can be controlled. via


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