The strange mask

 Mattia Casalengo's 'The Open' mask is very strange in its concept. This odd looking wearable mask forces the user to smell fresh grass and also allows to listen your own breath through headphone.  According to the designer, The Open mask defines the sensory territory created by the rhytm of the breath, which is being diffused  from the headphone.

The rodent car

The rat car by the Agency of Urban Subconscious is an art installation in the city of Bucharest, Romania. Though it is unknown the reason behind such art installation but such oddity looking cars surely spread eco- consciousness.

Deer made of typewriter parts

Artist Jeremy Mayer has created an awesome deer made out of typewriter parts.  The body of the deer consists of recycled and used typewriters.  Mayer has set a very good example of reusing old and unused materials in an innovative way. Check more of this awesome sculpture inside.



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