The Rich List of Superheroes

The superheroes and supervillains worth billions. Buddy Loans, a UK based loan company, has created an infographic that reveals the estimated wealth and fortunes of famous superheroes and world's most notorious supervillains.

   Black Panther and Tony Stark(Ironman) tops the chart with $500 and $100 billion. Batman is placed in the third position with $80 billion. Magneto is at the bottom of the list with an estimated revenue of $0.50 billion.

   Among supervillains Lex Luther is the richest guy with assets worth $75 billions.


Retro Mugshots of Batman Villains

Jason Mark's (aka Jempix) Batman bad guys pictures are inspired by 1920's mugshots of Australian convicts. Using 3D technique Jason has amazingly turned Batman bad guys mimicking characters in those retro mugshots. The pictures look very realistic especially ith the border design and the way names are written alongwith the case number on each photo.

Superhero Inspired Helmet's Batman Helmet is fully certified to always keep you in safe. The head gear is made of rough and tough materials to ensure maximum protection. An ideal gear for Batman fans to make their dream  of being a superman come true. The helmet can be purchased online from HelmetDawg.

Medieval Batman Costume

Christopher Nolan might be interested in this superhero costume for the next Batman franchise.  Samuel Lee's cool superhero costume is a combination modern and medieval design which also reflects the bad side of our favourite pop-culture icon.


Batmobile Cookie Container

Neatoshop's Batmobile Cookie Jar is an adorable container perfect for superhero fans and kids to use it as a decoration. The shiny blue model toy car's design is taken from old Batman comics and features two black seats that can be lifted to put delicious cookies inside.