Cosy Coffee Cup Outfits

Namanowe's Mug Sweaters are cool collection of cosy outfits for your coffee cups. The idea to create such costumes was due to a cover the crack of a favourite coffee cup that was put out of commission. The cute and adorable sweaters come with different knitwear patterns, pockets and sleeves. They are knitted to give your cups a new life and even protect your palms.

World's Most Expensive Coffee is Produced by Elephants

Black Ivory is the world's most expensive coffee where elephants play an important role in giving a very special flavour to it. Created in Thailand, the coffee making system involves feeding of coffee beans to elephants and digestive system of the animal gives a very special flavour to the beans. The beans are tehn collected in the dungs, washed and after labour-intensive process the coffee is created.

  The inventor of Black Ivory is Blake Dinkin from Canada, who spent $300,000 to develop the idea of creating such an expensive coffee. The exotic coffee is available only in luxury hotels in  Thailand, Abu Dhabi and Maldives for a whopping $50 a cup ($1,100 a kilo).



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