Mugshots of Disney Princesses

Disney princesses are believed to be the role model for the little girls, but Marilen Adrover's illustrations portray the dark sides of the fairy tale heroines. The illustartions show them in police mugshots because of their social misconduct.

   Snow White is taken into custody for sexual misconduct, Little Red Riding Hood is charged for murder while Goldilocks is arrested for unlawful entry.

Disney Moulin Rogue: Madhanz Reimagines Disney Princesses as Exotic Dancers

It seems that Disney princesses are favourite subjects for artists for reimagination. Artist and illustrator Madhanz has depicted the iconic Disney ladies as Moulin Rogue dancers with some adjustments in their outfits perfect for dancing. There is no doubt that the fans will be very much delighted with Madhanz's scantily clad Disney princesses.



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