Now you can Buy Souls of Celebrities

Now you can buy souls of your favourite celebrities. Etsy shop called SoulsRUs is now selling souls of celebrities online. From Ryan Gosling to Jennifer Lawrence, the souls are captured onto a jar, but you cannot open the jar because it might escape.

Zombie Unicorn Sculptures

Quequinox's artist Janine Haq has sculpted some scary sculptures of the fairytale creature seem to have landed straight from a zombie flick. The terrifying unicorn sculptures are made of polymer clay , wire and foil., and to make more realistic the artist has covered them with fur.

  These undead figurines can be purchased from Etsy and Ebay.

Robotic Table Lamp: The NES R.O.B. Lamp is for Game Enthusiasts

Ninetendo's R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) is a game peripheral that was available in 80's but very soon it became obsolete for NES peripheral. It had some interesting features like rotating itself to 360 degrees, moving its arms and picking up objects.

  Woody6switch on Etsy has given a new life to the retro game peripheral by turning it into a functional table lamp with ability to pick things and even play NES games. The lamp is available for $125.

Apocalypse Inspired Pony Masks

The Apocalypse Leather Horse Mask is a stylish fashion accessory made out of pure leather. With two-twisted horns on its front and the two feet long mane give it a scary and devilish look, normally associated with apocalypse. If you are a big fan of apocalypse then you should grab this unique piece that is available on Etsy for $180.

Knitted Outfits for Tortoise Shell

 Katie Bradley would not have imagined that her hand-knitted design for her seven pet tortoises could go viral. Pet lover Katie created some adorable outfits for her shell friends and posted them on her blog,  the result was amazing as she is getting unlimited requests from tortose lovers around the globe.

 According to Katie it all started as a family joke to have some laugh and became so popular that she even opened an online store on Etsy showcasing different totoise-themed designs.

Anatomical Valentine Gift: The Ribcage with Heart is a True Valentine Gift

Designed by Etsy user Xlessthan3, the Ribcage with Heart is a unique  gift that will win the heart of your valentine. Very different from usual valentine gifts, the anatomical sculpture has a heart within it to express love for the special one.


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