Nightmarish Toilet Paper Rolls

 It would be the prettiest idea to read horror stories in toilet. This is a crazy idea from Japan's Hayashi Paper Co. selling toilet paper printed with horror story. The toilet rolls will feature horror story by renowned writer Koji Suzuki, also written Ring and Spiral. The title of the story is Drop and the story is rolled out in three different parts.

Barbecue that Looks like a Revolver

The Smoking Gun Grill is an awesome barbecue inspired by the Smith & Wesson Model 500 revolver. Designed by students from Sandpoint High School, the pistol barbecue is created from materials donated by a local gun store, Wrenco Arms.  The Smoking Gun Grill is 15 feet long and will be used by Wrenco arms for promotional purpose. 

Bootie Babe Nail Polish

These voluptous nail polishes are truly inspired by the anatomy of a woman and fun loving cosmetic product that comes in different shades and colors that try to make a statement. They come in a very clever packaging and are available at Bootie Babe, the company behind these provocative manicure products. 


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