The History of Superman's Iconic Symbol in Infographic

Since 1938 the iconic symbol of Superman has changed a lot and many of us might not have known the fact. Thats why Halloween Costume wants  to give some knowledge through infographic that explains the evolution. Theinfographic showcases the evolution starting from the year 1938 with detailed visual explanation of the transformation of the emblem S of the Man of Steel.


Corpse Bride Halloween Costume

The Candy Corpse Bride outfit is a stunning halloween costume that will make you very special at the undead party because everyone is going to take a snap with you.

 Adding white paint on your face with black round eyes alongwith a heart shaped nose and using a thick headband , feathers, plastic flowers and skulls are some perfect recipe for a spooky get-up.

  If you are planning something special for the halloween then you should check the step-by-step tutorial on instructables on how to get a girlish costume.


Undead Superhero Mask

The Zombie Batman Mask is a scary superhero costume that gives the legendary vigilante a nightmarish look. The spooky mask will be a perfect match for your Halloween costume. Just remember that Batman fans won't love to see their favourite superhero as a monster.



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