Terracotta Girls Represent an Army of Never Born Daughters

French artist Prune Nourry's Terracotta Daughters is an art installation echoing the Terracotta Army of ancient chinese warriors. The statues are of chinese girls and questions China's one child policy. They are the girls who never born due to China's cruel family policy resulting in selective female infanticide.

   Nourry's army of girls will travel the world and in 2015 they will retuen to their motherland. They will be buried and excavated in 2030, the year in which imbalanced sex ratio will reach the highest level.

  Currently the art installation is being displayed at Centquatre in Paris.

Coca Cola Inspired Recycled Art Installation

The Cola Bow by Penda is a recycled art installation created in collaboration with universities around Beijing and Coca Cola China to spread eco-conscious awarness among people. The amazing outdoor structure was made using more than 17,000 plastic bottles and it now serves as the entrance canopy to the Student Beijing Design Exhibition. The design was inspired by the swings of the Coca Cola logo and for every ten empty bottles given, the company offered a full Coke bottle.

Garbage Art Installation

SuttonBeresCuller's(John Sutton, Ben Beres and Zac Culler) Small Moons are art installation simply made of used computer peripherals, books, lamps, tape recorders, toys, television, chairs, tables, bicycle, DVDs and more. The objects have been mounted together to represent moons in different sizes.


Retro Cassette Players Art Installation

Stefen Cornford's Binatone Galaxy is a nostalgic art installation that produces an eriee symphony of sounds. By replacing the audio tapes from the cassette with microphones allowing the users to listen to the rhytimic and resonant properties of the obsolete devices.

  The installation involves cassette players mounted on the wall to display their capabilities of producing sounds with lo-fi microphones.


7 Feet Tall Crayon Tree

Artist Herb William's massive tree is created from 75,000 crayons and features five crows sitting on branches. His amazing art installation is being displayed at the Nashville International Airport. The colorful sculptures stands seven feet tall and includes wildlife to exhibit the significant meaning of color to the animal kingdom, according to the artist.

Massive Chair Tower

Japanese artist Tadashai Kawamata's art installation, Chairs for Abu Dhabi, is a twenty foot massive sculpture made of hundreds of stackable chairs. It was displayed at an annual art fair in Abu Dhabi.

   The sculpture comprises all kinds of chairs including sofas, armchairs, benches and stools of different sizes. It took five days to build the tower which also forms a meeting point, where visitors can relax. The art-installation is meant to symbolize unity and link the visitors who enter the furniture dome, according to the creator.

Edible Plants Sculpture

 The Great Crate is an incredible art installation in Sydney's Green Square rail station. The sculpture was created using 256 green crates and 25,000 edible plants. The stunning art installation was a collaborative effort of creative studios and general public which was commissioned for the city of Sydney's Art & About public art festival.

  Locals grew plants from the distributed seeds, which was a part of the giant green cube. At the end of the festival,  locals were invited to take a container for their personal garden.




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