$1.6 million Halloween Costume

MorphCostumes's elegant and luxurious halloween costume is only one of its kind and made for the likes of super riches. The skin tighted costume is covered in 70,000 precious diamonds and priced at $1.6 million. The skintight spandex costume is currently being kept in a store somewhere in London.

  Well the costume is certainly not for a man because diamonds are woman's best friend.  Just curious to see the face of the woman behind the precious mask.

Giant Hedgehog Sculpture (Video)


A team of artists created a statue of a giant hedgehog to mark the launch of David Attenborough's TV series Natural Curosities. The massive sculpture is made of coconut fibres, willows and 2000 spines. The realistic giant spiny sculptures is exhibited in a London Park.

London Skyline Created with Sugar Cubes

Chris Naylor's London skyline sculpture is a visually striking artwork created with more than 2,100 sugar cubes. Taking inspiration from the history of Museum of London Dockland which was built two centuries ago by sugar merchant. Featuring some of London's landmarks including Tower Bridge, St. Paul Cathedral and London Eye, Naylor's sugary sculpture weighs 30 pounds and composed of carefully carved sugar cubes.

  The sweet artwork was created to mark the 10th anniversary of Museum of London Dockland.



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