Sofa Created from a Sewer Pipe

Carlo Sampietro's 'The Street is in the House' project features a sofa created entirely from a sewer pipe that was a part of NYC sewage system. The rusty metal pipe was cleaned and modified to serve as a comfortable sofa. The uniqe sofa is adorned with gold velvet cushions to make it completely different from what actually used to be.

Clown Nose Ad Campaigns

Artist Ji Lee has given a little bit of humor to serious advertisements by placing clown noses on them. His project 'Clownify' is all about spicing up the advertisements in New York to make them little funnier and give you a smile.

   If you think Kate Upton's bikini ad needs to be little funnier then Lee's treatment to the poster seems justifiable.

    If you live in NYC , you might have seen those clowns around. Ji Lee has created a Tumblr page to showcase his clownify project to enjoy and have some fun.


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