Life Sized Origami Elephant (Video)

Artist Sipho Mabona's 2,500 square feet elephant is made of single piece of paper. The extraordinary artwork, titled 'White Elephant', will be exclusively displayed at the Art Museum in Baromünster, Switzerland.

Origami Bat Signal

The Halowween Origami Bat Book by Etsy user Honeysuckle Salvage is a great festive table decoration. Using the famous Japanese form of art,  the paper sculptures are hand folded using salvaged vintage books. The unused books get a new shape and recycled into stunning works of art rather than ending up in a landfill. The eye-cathing Batman book is an ideal festive decoration for Dark Knight fans.

Incredible Origami Architecture - Sergei Tarasov's paper Structure is Incredible

42 year old Sergei Tarasov has built an incredible replica of  Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, from paper. The replica 1.5 metres tall and tens of thousands of pieces of paper were used to build the historic landmark of Moscow.

  Sergei is a teacher and teaches origami to students at a school in the town of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. He is a big fan of the sophisticated Japanese art and he is planning to create Kremlin and Red Square in near future.

  Sergei's detailed replica of Saint Basil is one of his astounding collection for which he even did not take any sketch in creating the masterpiece. (via)



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