Painted Buffaloes Competition

The International Buffalo Painting is a very unique event where artists from different countries meet to show their painting skills. It is believed that the tradition of buffalo painting is an ancient custom derived from a legend.

  The event was recently held in Pu'er, Yunnan province of China and 48 water buffaloes took part in the competition. A local school team won the first prize of $16,005.

Amazing paintings on Pregnant Bellies

Pacific Face Painters, a group from Santa Cruz, created some beautiful paintings on bellies of pregnat women. The bellies of the expectant mothers are blessed with the paintings of God Ganesh and lord Buddha. These beautiful and intricate belly paintings is a wonderful way to welcome the little miracles.

Lifelike Eye Drawings

Graffiti artist Redosking's eyes drawings are so real and detailed that one can't even imagine that they are just paintings. The reflection, wrinkle of the skin surrounding the eye and the eyelashes are so real that they give a feeling of looking into the world through someone else's eye.

Realistic Oil Painting Portrays Food Obsessed Women

Lee Price's realistic oil paintings showcases two sensitive things of women: the look and food obsession. The paintings portrays females in their private places surronded with junk food. These life-like paintings also resemble her being a food addict and through her paintings she conveys as message: "I am not going to censor my appetite".

Incredible Finger Paintings

Italian artist Dito Von Tease's 'Ditology' is an amazing finger paintings that portray some famous faces. The paintings display uncanny resemblance of Dalai Lama to infamous Col. Gadaffi. Ditology  gives an idea of how fingerprint can change our identity. It also shows the importance of the index finger in today's digital world. The way we use our index finger to operate smartgadgets.

  The characters portrayed in the paintings are taken from daily news, arts, music, history, television, movies and music. To make them more recognisable the artist uses make-up and distinctive hairstyles.



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