Is This the Most Beautiful Police Mugshot Ever?

Meagan Simmons, a mother from Florida, could never have believed that her police mughsot taken in 2010 would go viral on social networking sites. In 2010 she was arrested for reckless driving and her mughsot has become so famous that she has got many admirers who are sending marriage proposals. However, Simmons is not happy with the attention she is getting online. She even tweeted that it's crazy.

Life-Size Cardboard Police

Police of Bangalore city, India, adopted a very clever idea to cope with the growing number of traffic problems. Despite using state-of-the-art devices Police are unable to reduce traffic violations causing accidents and deaths. The cops of the city are now planning to install life-size cutout policemen at some busy traffic points with a hope that the motorists will slow down after spotting the paper cops.




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